Guilty pleasure

3. ledna 2015 v 3:04 |  Básničky
4 a.m. and I am leaving again
One last kiss, last secret touch and goodbye
Your seductive taste is still my veins
I would do anything just for your eyes
In my head I replay last couple hours
And I think you must have some superpower

When I'm coming home and kissing my wife
Still have to think 'bout chic of my life
It is like driving a classical caddilac
when, at home, you have just shitty wreck

Another evening I'm back at her place
For any doubts there's just no space
Soft skin, red lips, and her divine body
Here I am, just a word, honey I'm ready
Take your chance, I have to leave, before the dawn
Time we could be here was (a bit)) short-term loan

4 a.m. and she doesn't let me go
Crying and screaming something about love
In her face I can read: Please don't say No
Please don't say that I was just silly stuff
Sorry babe, It have been really wrong measure
You are cute, but you are my guilty pleasure

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